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The Lily

The lily only lasts a day .
but God creates it anyway .
All that work to make a flower
then it's gone , it had it's hour .

Even though your baby died ,
He is still precious in God's eyes .
Your child came and made his mark
He changed your life and touched your heart .

Upon his death , to Heaven he soared ,
Here for a moment , now with the Lord !

An Angel With The Book Of Life Wrote Down
My Baby's Birth .
And Whispered As She Closed The Book...
"Too Beautiful For Earth ."

My Little Boy

Your little boy cries too much .
My little boy makes no sound .
Your little boy sleeps warm in his crib .
Mine lies cold in the ground .

Your little boy woke up today .
My little boy never will .
Your little boy laughs and plays .
My little boy lies still .

Your little boy makes you proud .
And just as proud as I am
Cause while your little boy is learning to walk .
My little boy can FLY !

A Moment In Our Arms ,
Forever In Our Hearts ...

Empty Womb

Don't let them say I wasn't born .
That something stopped my heart .
I felt each tender squeeze you gave
I loved you from the start .
Although my baby you can't hold ,
It doesn't mean I'm gone .
This world was worthy . Not of me ~
God chose that I move on .
I know the pain that drowns your soul ,
What you are forced to face ~
You'll have my word I'll fill your arms ,
someday we will embrace .
You'll hear " it wasn't meant to be ,
God doesn't make mistakes ."
But that won't soften your worst blow ,
or make your heart not ache .
I am watching over all you do ,
Another child you will bear .
Believe me when I say to you ,
That I am always there !
There will come a time , I promise you ,
When you will hold my hand .
Stroke my face and kiss my lips ,
And then you'll understand .
Although I never breathed your air ,
Or gazed into your eyes ,
That doesn't mean I never was ,
An Angel never dies !

Sometimes the smallest feet
Leave the biggest imprints on your heart...



@2006 Livy's Love Graphics, Custom Set for Little Jacob Harrison